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Monthly Archives: March 2017

The Most Confusing Aspects of English Grammar

The Most Confusing Aspects of English Grammar

There are several aspects of English Grammar that are mighty confusing – even for fluent and native English speakers! Most every English speaking person...
Does language limit our thoughts?

Does language limit our thoughts?

Do the languages we speak influence our thought processes? Does language simply convey thought, or do the structures in languages subconsciously sculpt the ideas...
Languages with No Vowels

Languages With No Vowels

I have heard that there are languages with no vowels and thought, “How is that possible?” How could you pronounce a word with no...
Origin of languages

Back To The Origins: Where Does Human Language Come From?

The issue of the origins of human language has troubled language experts and historians for centuries. Some of them tried to come up with...
The Lord Of The Rings

The Lord of the Rings and New Zealand Real Estate

Filming the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy in New Zealand has brought hordes of tourists to the locations of the various sets, as well...
Buying Beach Houses in New Zealand:

Buying Beach Houses in New Zealand: Real Estae and Investment opportunities

Buying a beach house in New Zealand offers many possibilities. New Zealand is made up of two main islands, North Island and South Island, giving...
the Best Language Courses

What are the Best Language Courses to Take in High School?

When kids enter high school they think of all the math, science, history and English classes they will be required to take. These are,...
The Difference Between Modern and Classical Arabic Language

The Difference Between Modern And Classical Arabic Language

Are Modern And Classical Arabic identical, or are there major differences between the two? The Arabic language is quite unique when it comes to Classical...
Why TOFEL is important

Why TOFEL is important?

So you are planning to study abroad in an English-speaking country and you are quite passionate about making your dream come true? While choosing...
What is the language with the most words?

What is the language with the most words?

To determine the language with the most words would be a task almost impossible in its objective. Counting words would be like counting the...