10 Tips To Keep Your PC Secure

Fix Your PC
Fix Your PC

It seems these days whenever we turn around we are under fire with a piece of Spyware, a new Adware campaign, or another virus.  Before you know it, we are feeling a bit overwhelmed and worrying about how to protect ourselves.  Relax here are 10 tips to keep your PC secure.

  1. Using registry repair software will help keep your computer safe from prying eyes. A registry repair program is an excellent investment, keeping your registry uncluttered and safe
  2. You should never open an attachment via e-mail unless you know who it is from. All kinds of nasty invasions can be attached, which pack a powerful punch in destroying your PC.
  3. You must never part with your credit card information on a website unless you are confident that the site is secure. You can recognize a secure site because it has the “s” so it will look like this – https://.  Not only should you not give credit card details on an unsecured site, you should also not give personal information.
  4. Remember if something sounds too good to be true it is. Don’t be enticed by sites that tell you that you have won something but you must give your credit card information.
  5. Remember nothing is free. For example, almost all those sites that offer you free screensaver  usually get something from you in return and many times, you may not even know.  If you don’t read the “user agreement” carefully, you could find that they install Spyware on your computer.  So much for free – you’ve just had your privacy invaded.
  6. Always run a firewall. In fact, it can’t hurt to run both a software firewall and a hardwire firewall.  Together you get the best in protection.  Your software firewall is easy to configure to meet your needs.
  7. You should install a quality virus protection software package. There are many great products and some service provider’s offer a free virus package.  What’s most important is making sure you keep it up to date.
  8. You should have Malware, Adware and Spyware protection on your computer to keep your PC secure.
  9. Phishing is the latest method of attempting to collect personal information. Often it begins with you receiving an urgent message that states a charge has been made against your credit card or that someone has logged into your account.  Then you need to give your personal information. Don’t fall for it.
  10. Keystroke recording is a big threat these days. This program downloads onto on your computer, each keystroke you make is recorded, and the passwords for your accounts can be stolen from you. Make sure you are protected to keep your PC secure.

These 10 tips to keep your PC secure will help give you peace of mind.  Don’t get caught unprepared because your financial and personal future is at risk, simply download registry repair software.


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