Tips On PC Maintenance


Tips On PC Maintenance

Only a few years ago we could choose whether we wished to jump on the information highway or not, but today more than ever it has become a necessity.  So much that when our PC goes out of commission we panic – what will we do to our research, how will we communicate with our clients and co-workers, and what about that online game we were going to play?  Nobody wants to see their computer out of commission and that’s why these 5 tips on PC maintenance are so important.

  1. Backup, Backup, Backup
    I can’t stress enough how important it is to backup. Because if you backup regularly and your computer crashes it may still be a real annoyance but it won’t be a tragedy.  Today it’s very easy to backup.  You can burn to CD or DVD, and you also have the flexibility of USB sticks or portable USB drives.
  2. Never Share A Secret
    Your mother always told you that a secret was sacred and that includes your passwords, which are top secret. Don’t share them with your boyfriend or girlfriend who tomorrow might be out of the picture, don’t share them with your children who might share them with their friends, don’t share them with your spouse – remember divorce rates are high.Your passwords should be between you and your computer.  They should also be a mix of numbers, letters, and characters.  Nothing as simple as your phone number or address, please.
  3. Registry Repair Software Is Your Friend
    This is a quick and affordable way to keep your registry in tiptop shape and ensure there are no nasty bugs jeopardizing your personal information. The registry grows over time making your computer a bit temperamental reacting with freezing and even crashing.  When you use registry repair software regularly your computer will operate like the precision equipment it is.
  4. Use Protection
    Is your virus software up to date? If you can’t afford to buy a good virus package there are a few free ones like AVG that are fairly reliable for home use.  Trend Micro offers a free online scan that makes a good backup option.  And don’t forget you should also have a firewall in place to help protect your computer.
  5. Spring Clean
    Just as once a year we get busy cleaning our homes tossing out old unused items, so should your computer undergo a spring clean. Get rid of files you no longer need, clean out your recycling bin, and uninstall software that’s expired or you don’t use anymore.  Keeping your system nice and tidy reduces the resources needed, and makes it easier for you to find your way around.


The 5 simple tips can make all the difference in how your computer runs.  PC maintenance is as important to your computer as the flu shot is to you.  Don’t miss it, because you might not like the outcome.


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