What Was The First Language Ever Spoken?

What is the first human language? What is the oldest known spoken language people ever used? Is it a live language or it is a long-lost one?

First Language ever spoken
First Language ever spoken

What is the first human language? What is the oldest known spoken language people ever used? Is it a live language we can see somewhere in the world, or it is a long-lost one?

There are so many possible answers to the question of ‘the first language’. Some find answers in the history books, other in research done by linguistics and few people look to the holy books for a possible solution. It makes sense to believe that a form of non-verbal language (body language) came before any known verbal language, but then again, if your search for truth in the holy books, some religions indicate that the world was created by an act of a spoken word, so who known what language was the first to be ever spoken here. Whatever you believe to be true, eventually humans found the spoken word to be the most effective form of communication.

What do you think, was there a ‘first language’, or communication has evolved in a slow process? Since we do not know what was the first language spoken, you guess is good as ours. What was the first language ever spoken? Akkadien? Hebrew? Arabic? Araméen? Chinese? Tamil? English? Greek? Japanese? Body Language? Sign Language? … What language came first, Arabic, Greek or Hebrew? What language did the ancient Egyptians speak? What languages are in the bible? ‎50,000 yeas ago, what languages were in use? …

Update: we have realized that people are answering based on their religion. What do you think, should we find the answer in the holy books, or in the science research?


  1. I don’t know correctly but Based on the getting old literatures, conducted Research which occured in the Indian Ocean and bay of Bengal, what African people speaking language presently, and their cultures, I have come to conclusion (opinion) people should have spoken in the Tamil language.

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