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Villa Holiday Versus Package Holiday

Villa Holiday Versus Package Holiday

Everybody knows someone who has been on one and an awful lot of people have been on one themselves. Yes, we are talking about...
Invest in Toledo

Invest in Toledo – The Monumental Kaleidiscope

The proximity to Madrid makes Toledo a favorable place for real estate investors. It is one of the most visited cities in Europe. The...
A Look at the climate in Spain

A Look at the climate in Spain

Spain, together with Portugal, forms a large peninsula south of the Pyrenees, with the Atlantic Ocean on its western and northern side and the...
Working in New Zealand

Golden rules for Immigrating to New Zealand with a job

Are you Interested in Working in New Zealand? It is easier than you think! Learn how could you also Immigrate to New Zealand with a...
Retire in Spain

The coast of Spain: Europe’s favorite retirement destination

Just like the classic stereotype of Americans retiring to the coast of sunny Florida, Spain is the new Miami when it comes to retirement...
Welcome to Barcelona

What you need to know about – Barcelona travel

Welcome to the home of 1888 World’s Fair and 1992 Olympics, the capital of Catalan region a culture branded for its unique amalgam of...
US Immigration made easy

Top 10 Tips for Avoiding Trouble With U.S. Immigration

Keep your status secure and your visa and green card applications moving along smoothly. Plan for Delays. If you are in the United States...
Tenerife – marveling at nature and folklore

Tenerife – marveling at nature and folklore

Tenerife offers some of the marvelous landscapes for nature lovers. The season remains spring almost throughout the year, with hardly any differences in the...
Study in spain

American Students Studying in Spain

  Every year, thousands of American students choose to travel in an effort to see the world and study abroad.  Many of those who do...
A Retired, Single RV'er Travels

A Retired, Single RV’er Travels

For some 30 years I practiced law in Mesa, Arizona. (Please don't hold that against me. I really wasn't a very good lawyer.) When...